Lily Relationships – High Yiaster

 Elixirs In the transformative work supported by the female elixirs of the Yliaster, flowers, as the firm but gentle ambassadors of the Goddess, are of paramount importance.

The Lily is an elixir of every Yliaster. The connection that lies between Lily and the female path is especially beautiful and strong.

The Lily is an invitation to complete female existence in a way we have not yet known.

 “–When I work with Lily, I have new and new teachings every time. Last time I felt a strange call to take notes and deliver your most important messages. “I want you to celebrate existence. Bring flowers, be present, express yourself in beauty. Be beautiful, brilliant and worthy! Simple, light and noble. I am your part, just as we are all part of the Mother. You don’t have to do more, just accept your light, because it’s true, i and your whole nature. “

 I thought that now that we are moving from the idea of ​​time to money, to the new form of life of the art of time, this wonderful flower teacher can be a huge help to us. I watched as the Devas of the Lily communicated to me a new way of healing. I watched as this beautiful female spiritual icon guided my mind through my feelings in a gentle, loving, and compassionate way. And Lily told me ..

 About the time to create and anchor the new. It supports us intuitively dreaming about reality. It teaches that only the present exists where we are.

The Lily, like the Lotus, exists as the Goddess of Water in the manifested world. The gentle help of the water element purifies our energy, especially our sexuality, which is our creative force itself and to which so much shame, pain and guilt are associated from the past. There are some important messages we receive from Lily when we connect with it through our hearts.

The Lily wants to help us remember ourselves and restore the order of nature in the world. It supports us to make discoveries in the mystery of femininity and experience all the miracles our bodies can mean to us.

The Lily shows that you can express yourself on all levels of existence and gives you permission to cry. Healing tears cleanse your heart and strengthen your vision.

Lily wants you to know the fortress. Heal patterns of guilt and sacrifice, laugh, love, dance, create, become an artist of existence, create free reality, and let go of your old self.

Lilies are midwives who are present when you are in labor and are born again. They help you find the lost child who lives in you and free you from the sins of our fathers, which we guard at the cellular level.

Lily is an ethereal medicine nourished by the love of Gaia so that we can heal our unloved parts and memories of abuse even in the deepest realities.

The Lily celebrates rebirth as we are on our way to our beauty, self-worth and the fullness of the new world. Each of the Yliaster elixirs is associated with this beautiful queen energy, which opens the sacred gates within us not only with its iconic appearance, its mystical stories, but with the energy of its alchemical support!

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With love and gratitude, Éva H.Rady,


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