Car and Phone Energy Balancing

Car and telephone - Energy harmonization and well-being

What will be the effect on humanity with all these antennas and the growing need of the community to use electricity? What will be our future? What do these things look like in the big picture? We see technology as a good thing, because it is, it makes our existence enormously easier. But it is preferable that before any evolution or technological development to be taken into account and studied the aspect related to human health, but not only at the physical level but also multidimensional. This aspect has been set aside for the last 100 years and we are here today at this point where we realize that we have not done something right.

In general, the problems with the environment are quite simple, you have a pollution, you reduce the pollution and you have solved the problem. But what if you have a form of pollution that you increase 100 times and you are not even aware of it, its effects or you are not aware that it hurts you? Electromagnetic pollution in addition to other known symptoms has a complex side, dehydrates the life system and reduces the vitality of living systems. We all understand that we are made up of over 75% water.

BioGeometry solutions manage the harmonization of subtle energies, the interaction between the 2 electromagnetic fields, the one emitted by the use of the mobile phone (for example) or the one emitted by the existing electrical circuits in the moving car and the electromagnetic field of the human body.

We have a time bomb hidden in this age of information. Do we need to permanently stop these technologies and their development? The answer is NO. You can’t stop this evolution, and it’s not desirable. Can you really consider the man instead? The answer is Must!