Energy Balancing House and Office

Home - Energy harmonization and well-being

Home biogeometry products protect against electromagnetic fields, earth radiation, low levels of radioactivity and other forms of environmental stress. The need to connect the quality of subtle energy with our modern life has been demonstrated in many Biogeometric projects and other research done worldwide. The use of a language of design of form, color, sound and movement in order to reproduce the harmonization and bringing the existing balance in the sacred places in our daily lives is absolutely necessary.

Why do today’s architects or designers think they can build a symphony with just one note? That means thinking of a space with only one proportion. When in antiquity it was said that architecture is frozen music, they explained in clear words the complexity of the connections between man and space. That’s exactly where Biogeometry works. Biogeometry is not only interested in the proportions of the harmony and beauty of spaces and shapes but also reproduces the healing energy of the Earth, being much more focused on the qualities that this information can bring in the science of Design. These qualities are not only focused on classical proportions or design principles, in terms of beauty and shape, but especially focused on the quality of energy between walls or shapes. We are talking about a correct level of perception of the interior, a holistic one. It is not exclusively related to the beautiful design or visually pleasing shapes, but goes much deeper, it reaches the quality of the energy of the respective spaces and shapes, it being the one that must prevail.

For today’s world it may mean something new but in fact it is a bridge between us and the old sciences of our ancestors, which are coming to light again. Basically, a link is built so that these ancient sciences and modern technologies can be brought into the present, in a dialogue based on their development and applicability today. Due to the evolution of technology, this step is even necessary, these solutions representing a model of contemporary healing.