Personal Energy Balancing

Man - Energy harmonization and well-being

Today we look at things from a symptomatic point of view and the effects produced, but a paradigm shift is needed: looking at things outside the human system. What directly influences this complex biological mechanism, called the human system? The ability to look at it, both from the inside out and from the outside in and discover the connection and laws of operation between the macro-universe and the microuniverse is a necessity, especially today. BioGeometry is a science that harmonizes these 2 environments and forces medicine and science to consider the environment.

BioSignatures are linear diagrams, with over 45 years of study and research behind them, that help balance the subtle energies of the human body’s organs.

Any medicine works today, according to the principles: evaluate what is activated or what is less activated in your body. There is an energy to which we, as humans, are exposed, whether our body is over-activated or under-activated on certain organs, an energy that balances these organs, without dosing effects and without side effects. Instead of using our minds to find the right dose, we go back in time to Mother Earth and through a process of Centering in which you do not compensate for anything but are exactly in the center, you bring your body into harmony with the resonance of quality of the universal energy system, so you can reset your blueprint physically, emotionally and mentally.

BioSignatures and BioGeometry, through its practitioners, are porters of spirituality brought to the world of science. (Ibrahim Karim Ph.D., Dr.Sc)