Elixir Nada 1

175,00 lei

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This elixir supports the arrival into the body, not only at the time of our birth, but also every time when we need action, presence, bravery. The body is always in the present. It has a huge and supportive consciousness. Expressing the strength we have is not violence. It means that we do not reject the challenges life brings us, and we love being in the body. Our body is a signature, and if we pay attention, it tells us why we are here. If we don’t take care of our body, if we don’t make the most of it, if we don’t accept our roots or our body, we won’t be able to find the purpose of our existence. Everything happens through the existence in and acceptance of the body. Raising the awareness of the body means to get in touch with ourselves and with the sacred tantric union that happens inside and outside of us.

The Nada 1. Elixir contains the strength and memory of the Cedar of Lebanoh, the grounding beauty of Myrrh and Vetiver, the warm embrace of Vanilla and the purity of the White Lily. When we use this oil it helps us to understand that our body is a wonderful temple, the home of the soul and as such it can be the expressive tool of every resonance of our being. The elixir helps us to accept the unique beauty of our body and supports us in being present in everything we do in a concentrated way. The Nada 1. elixir offers us an energetic protection that is really needed if we don’t want to lose our life force.